Definition Podcasts

Episode 1: Introduction 

Published on 25th May 2018

Thank you for joining us on our Podcast debut called Definition. Led by New Motive WOC founders Jesse Aqcuah-Hayford and Sol (BigSolArt) Gamra, we want to openly discuss the lifestyles of entrepreneurs and creatives from a business aspect

Episode 2: Hard Work vs Labour

Published on 6th July 2018

In this episode we breakdown what it means to work hard at your passion and why not to confuse it with working hard at your job or 9 - 5.

Episode 3: Why Travels'Important

Published on 2nd August 2018

At times people often forget that there is more to life than just your 9-5. I believe that we are trapped in a matrix of negativity, doubt and escapism.

Episode 4: Color Spectrum Prt 1

Published on 18th August 2018

Colours are very unique. They hold so much meaning, value and help illustrate our emotions and beliefs. Were going to show you how to use them to create your brand identity...

Episode 5: You Can't do it all

Published on 30th August 2018

Its important for entrepreneurs to network in their field and outside. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to juggle everything yourself and failing miserably.

Episode 6: Bring belief to Brand

Published on 10th September 2018

Its time to take that business idea, smothered in dust from the draw and turn it into a brand. We cover the difficulties of having faith in your brand idea, plus how to use your own tools to build solutions.

Episode 7: Partners in Design

Published on 18th September 2018

In this episode we break down the strong and weak relationship between the designer and client and come up with solution to help better working relations



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