4 Top Tips on Finding the Right Artist for Your Project

September 23, 2017

Here’s how you do it.


New Motive WOC is contacted by clients on a daily basis to work on all kinds of projects from branding, web design all the way to illustration and sometimes even animation. How people find us is the key element to how we stay in the game and is essentially how most creative artists for hire operate. We want to give you a comprehensive break down of what you should look for if you want to hire an artist to work on your project.

  • Evidence of work – Make sure that they have some existing examples that you can look at so you know that they can actually deliver the goods. An online portfolio or showreel is a really good way to get a feel of the artist and you may even be able to see what other people think of their work in the form testimonials.


  • A website – If an artist has a website it proves they are serious, some artists may not have one but you ought to be skeptical about hiring an artist that doesn’t because you are then forced to take their word for it when it comes to what they tell you they can do.


  • Contact details - Have multiple forms of ways of contact with the artist you want to hire. If they are overseas try your best to get them on Skype or some kind of video call as well as email correspondence. The video call option breaks the ice and the email correspondence can be referred back to for any clarification. Some artists can be shy and introverted but a professional artist should have no problem speaking you in a video or voice call for clarification as direct conversation in many cases can make the work run a lot smoother.


  • Social media presence – People can sometimes underestimate this but an artists social media presence allows you to learn more about the artist and it can even make up for them not having a website. It is also a way of contact that you can refer to if you find easier ways to talk. Another reason for this is that is allows you to know that you are dealing with a real person. Online there are all kinds of people promoting artwork like it is theirs but really it is stolen work from another artist. Following them on social media allows you to verify any unanswered questions in your mind.


These are the methods that we use when we look for artists that we like or want to hire and we definitely recommend these methods for you too.  Try looking up an artist you like and see if this works for you.



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