5 Ways to Dealing with Creative Mental Block

September 28, 2017


Pretty much any creative people you meet will one day confess that they are suffering from creative mental block and their ideas just don’t seem to be working well at the time. They can’t think clearly about what they want to do so they end up procrastinating due to the creative fatigue but don’t feel bad about this as it happens to EVERY artist at some point.


All kinds of things can trigger this from a bad day at work, personal issues, being overworked or just plain old boredom. Some people may tell you that you need a holiday but that may not be an option at the time. Here at New Motive World Of Creativity we want to give you some tips on how you can overcome this creative mental block.


  • Simply take a break – This makes a difference because it allows you to think clearly and away from your creative side for a bit. This could be for a day, a week, or maybe longer but when you come back you will feel refreshed and more energized.



  • Do ONE creative thing a day – This may sound like a contradiction but its not, what it really means is to do something really small on a daily basis then look back on it to reflect. For example, if you are a graphic artist working on a logo rather than trying to complete it in one sitting, perhaps you could break down your task but doing some rough doodles of the work and then leaving it alone. The next day come back to it and add something else to it, if you keep this up for a week it may take a bit longer but you won’t feel strained and you may actually appreciate it more.


  • Get some fresh air – Artists can have a bad habit of locking themselves away and working so hard that they lose connection to whats going on outside. This is especially true for graphic and music artists who spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen. Sometimes you need to take a breather to get some fresh inspiration from the outside world.


  • Surround yourself with creativity – This may sound cliché but it helps. The kind of images you have around you and the colors you have can add to your mood which helps drive your artistic side in many cases. Having some art around you that you really like can help keep you creatively grounded.


  • Be social and share your art – We don’t mean on social media, we mean in the real world. If someone on the street sees you wearing a t shirt with a cool design you made, you may be inspired when someone asks you about this design that they have never seen before. That feeling of having your art appreciated in the real world goes way beyond any kind of buzz feeling you get from a “like” or “retweet” on social media so share what you can do.


We hope these suggestions have helped and if you think there are things you can add to this be sure to comment below, visit us on twitter and share you ideas with us there on the hashtag #NEWMOTIVE

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