The Ten Freelancer Commandments

October 12, 2017



Being a freelancer is not easy and this is especially true today when you look at the gig economy which is full of individuals working as creative mercenaries ready to undercut and jump over you for that good commission.


In today's blog we are going to give you some pointers in how to survive as a freelancer while maintaining your sanity.

  • Have a diary – Be very clear on how long it will take to complete the average task then add a bit more time on top of it just in case.


  • Have more than one client - sometimes clients flake or pull out which can be disastrous if you was relying on their payment but if you have more than one then another client can compensate for what you thought you lost.


  • Don’t be discouraged by clients who say no - Social media is something that sways people’s minds all the time and you would be surprised at the amount of people who just merely enquired months ago return ready to pay you for the work they spoke about all that time ago.


  • Have some money saved - there is no set figure as that depends on your own cost of living but during those quiet periods you still need to eat so having some money saved will help.


  • Have other artists you can call upon – There will be periods that you are overworked and can’t manage the work alone and this is a good time to outsource some of the tasks or part of them to other freelancers you know. Do not be discouraged by this big companies do this all the time and this is no different.


  • Have a creative brief – This is for you to send to your clients so they can state exactly what it is that they want you to do for them. You can then refer back to this for clarification and to clear up any disputes


  • Take regular breaks – you do not want to suffer from burnout so make sure you take breaks during tasks to keep your mind clear and creative flow going.


  • Concentrate but relax – Maybe you work well with music playing or in a certain environment, in any case find what makes you comfortable while working then do your thing.


  • Make a portfolio – This rule is so under rated but it is the one thing that will make people see you as serious, be it physical or online make sure there is a place people can go to in order to see your work and make sure you have a website


  • Make use of videos online - people love to see the person behind the creativity and video is the best way to get you out there it is a way to include people who admire your work as well as a way for them to see that you are a real person

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