Find Artists With An Interest in What You Do

October 24, 2017



One thing you need to be wary of when commissioning artists to work the creative side of your brand, is to find one that actually shows an interest in what you do. In a world full of automation and apps along with greedy people who will take your money without caring about what your brand stands for, you need to be especially selective because having a good artist doesn’t make up for the fact they do not feel your concept as you do.


Consider this, you have your brand for whatever product or service you provide but you want your social media presence to capture the correct audience. You find some online company who can handle your social media posts for you in exchange for a small fee and you hand over your hard earned cash. Later on you learn that the posts are going on during times your target audience are not paying attention, your social media team misses key moments when they could capture the core audience, the wording is wrong and so on. How does this happen?


 Make sure your artist is well informed about who your target audience is



Your social media and branding team have no clue about your brand or about the target audience. They just took your money and made the posts with no strategic aim authentic to what you are about. This happens a lot particularly with small businesses run by people who may have other things going on such as a job, children or maybe other businesses. Big companies make these mistakes too but they have a bigger budget making it easier for them as they can afford to take a loss but a small company with a limited budget needs to be a lot more frugal with their finances, which is why finding the right company is paramount.



Take time to find the right people that understands your vision and company


You need to remember that in a case like this, you are the boss and the company you hire to handle your social media and branding work for you so you should make sure that this company does right by you. More over before you even hire the company or individual you need to pick their brain and see what they know about your brand. They may not be mega enthusiastic about it but they ought to know the essential elements of your business.  Does your brand have a specific color scheme? If so then the kind of images they post should reflect that. Does your target audience have a specific day when they spend more money? Then the company that you hire should know that is the day to post more about offers and deals you have going on.



Until you can find a company that adds that level of dedication to your brand you should handle it yourself until you can get the right team along to help boost your brand otherwise you are wasting not only money but time and customers. Social media can be daunting but it can also be the death of your business if you go down the wrong path.


 Time and money is everything to a small business. Use wisely


So pick the brains of these people trying to get your money in exchange for services, make them work for it and let them know they need to be as dedicated to your brand as they are dedicated to getting your money. If you are a small business then every penny and every minute counts so don’t let someone else waste them for you.

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