Networking but No Work Done

November 23, 2017



The title gives away the whole story but it is something many people do without realizing. With things like social media propping up everyone's image to astronomical levels, it is easy to get sucked in to people who dress well and can articulate themselves well at networking events. Catchy positives quotes on Twitter and then posted on Instagram as a pretty meme, not to mention the endless selfies and more. These are the kind of people you will encounter in mass at many networking events.


However when all of these things have been seen you are then forced to look at someones body of work and actual achievements you can point to and this is where you will notice that some people fall short.




We have met many people that can talk a good game and mean well but sadly what they are proposing when you meet them is only that. A proposal. Part of the reason this happens is because many people are not actually networking, they are pitching and touting with the intention of getting someone to fund them even though they are possibly faking it til they make it with a sleek image but no hard work to show.


When networking with people, the best way to stand out from the rest isn’t just about giving a good impression with your dress sense or how well you can articulate yourself to a crowd, but it's about having actual good examples of your work that can impress people with the wow factor.




When people are drawn in by a good first impression its your work that ultimately persuades them to put you in a category about the rest. Look good, have nice selfies, have some cool pictures of you and some celebrity on Instagram, have a good seminar and all of that good stuff but make sure you finish it off with some really good work that you created. In a world full of people, trying to sell you a lifestyle you will skyrocket in progress as potential clients will be able to respect what you are about for the right reasons.

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